Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another Day

Wow! Two days of restful sleep and getting back to my reading/blogging routine. I can't write much more because I have exceeded my limit of computing without wearing my cervical collar.......

Quick hits:

Fuck the "news" about the Smith paternity, Hollywood couplings, Scooter, the butt hole Limbaugh and Arnold, and the Baptist leader that supports playing God with curing homo fetuses --- Does that not seem hypocritical of the Christianists that don't want science meddling with stem cells, that want to limit women's reproductive freedom, and abort Down's Syndrome fetuses ---

Fuck the stories about fluffy crap that is unimportant and distracting Americans from learning the real news about the Iraqi catastrofuck. Please stop entertaining us and get back to REPORTING the real news.

Fuck Judith Miller, Robert Novak, and every other so-called journalists that are Bushie lap dogs.

Fuck all lawyers that prostitute themselves and render "opinions" that should be made by judges....

Fuck my condo association and its incompetent leaders.

Did I miss any fucking things?


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