Monday, April 16, 2007

Ann Coulter and Cleary University

As I read through one of my favorite blogs (Crooks and Liars) I came across "A Call to Action" regarding Ann Coulter's visits to a Michigan university. Cleary University will be the venue (October's Founders Day) for Coulter's hate-filled rants. Her $30K fee is being paid for by the Livingston Economic Club.

I am way past embarrassment that a Michigan university would allow her to speak to their students and guests.

After the Imus Speech Crash, it really is past-time that the Hate Wing of the Republican Party be challenged for their reprehensible rhetoric. O'Reilly, Limbaugh, and Coulter must be held accountable for the vicious attacks upon every individual and group that does not meet their "standards".

Will we ever have a return to civility?

I just sent this email to the Cleary University president:

Dear President Sullivan:

I find it disturbing that your commitment "to the enhancement of society" includes the use of your fine institution as a venue for Ann Coulter to spew her hate-filled message. I find Ms. Coulter's "comedy" to be as reprehensible as Don Imus's remarks about the Rutger's Women's Basketball team. Have you read her books or watched her on television?

I do believe in the freedom of speech, however, to willingly allow your university's good name to be associated with Ann Coulter may be a tragic mistake. You may find that her remarks about minorities, gays, and anyone that doesn't share her views may be quite harmful to your students. I would not be surprised if many of them choose not to attend.
You may have a policy allowing outside groups to use your facilities. Do you have the right to refuse a group when asked to use your facilities? I hope you do and will ask the LEC to find another venue.

I am a concerned Michigander and a retired teacher. I must seriously question your judgement about this issue. I am embarrassed that a university in Michigan would host her and allow her hate-speech.


J. Lee Harris

Please, God, send another rock to end this age of hate mongering dinosaurs!


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