Thursday, April 5, 2007

Going Nowhere Fast


This morning as Budd was leaving for an appointment and other stops Ol' Buck had another loud outburst. The sound was louder than a gunshot and equally unnerving. This time a metal plate hit the ground, was retrieved, and now sits on the garage floor.

This 1992 Buick is giving me fits. Almost two weeks ago the 1st boom blew the catalytic converter out through what was left of the muffler. When the boys came over it boomed again as the engine was started. Ol' Buck was then taken to be repaired.

I really don't need this crap right now.

When I was employed I treated myself to leased vehicles. I did not want the headache of having repair after repair interrupting my busy life. A new truck, sedan, van, or Jeep kept for 2 - 4 years was an indulgence but, I never had to run to a repair shop (except for those damn accidents that left me with chronic pain for nearly 10 years).

The '92 Buick was gifted to me by my sister and brothers following Dad's death last year. Dad had very few problems with it. My last leased truck was turned in following the memorial service. I needed transportation since my cut in real income was substantial. Retirement does that.........

With only a few weeks left before our escape from this rat race we still need transportation. Ol' Buck will be gifted to my sister and I hope that between the boys and their dad they can get the car back into shape. Right now, we either attempt another repair or pray to the gods of GM that Buck will keep us safely on the road until the rental takes us on our long journey.

Saint Jude, the Buick may not be a lost cause however, please bless me with the sanity to get through this latest bump in the road.


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