Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Government By And For The People

I've been paying attention to what some of our brightest politicians and former politicians have to say about the Bush Administration. We have witnessed one f%@k-up after another -- the Iraq War of Choice is the worst catastrophuck in American history. And, it is past time for real political and governmental reforms.

I am also mad as hell when I hear the Shrub and his faithful Bushies tell us that setting a date for the drawing down of troops from Iraq will "tie the hands of the commanders on the ground". It is the current "talking point" being used. It is a not so subtle way to say that we will be choosing to hurt the troops. Bullshit!

The Commander-In-Chief is more worried about what his commanders care about than what the American People want? Tell me, you see the disconnect. Shrub is the Commander-In-Chief! The commanders on the ground follow HIS orders. If the Congress says no more funding for the war, Bush must command the troops to come home.

And, about those wise public servants, they say that Bush has put loyalty before competence. That's for damn sure! Need we recite the list of loyal Bushie f$@k-ups?

We must demand that those whom we have elected "put the people before their political party". Just think about how the lofty goals that the politicians promise could be achieved!

Wake up, America! There is a better way!


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