Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Hero

I had the privilege of meeting and talking with Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) a little over a decade ago. We didn't just have a meet and greet -- it was a real conversation resulting in Mr. Frank's offer of assistance with an "incident" that could have ended my career. He was sincere with his offer of help and to this day I am grateful. In fact, I was re-energized and determined to stay active in my local, state, and national professional associations. I was determined to not let narrow minded neanderthals ruin my life.

I have looked back at that National Education Association Gay and Lesbian Caucus dinner knowing that our group was breaking new ground within our union and outside of it. Barney Frank was our invited guest and speaker. After the dinner, I was pulled into a group of folks chatting with Representative Frank and asked to share the story of "the incident". His genuine concern touched me in a way that is hard to describe. This shy guy from Michigan had the ear of a real-honest-to-God politician with a big heart.

The last several years have given me the opportunity to see Rep. Frank as a sincere politician that is willing and able to debate issues with honesty and civility. He is also a stickler for following parliamentary procedure. A few months back, I posted a YouTube of Mr. Frank rebuking a rather dumb and obnoxious congressman for violating parliamentary rules and violating the rules of decorum.

While reading my favorite blogs I came across another "Barney in Action" YouTube video. Listen to the point he makes. Ask yourself if the Republican stunts in Congress serve the country or just the Republican Party and their campaign contributers?

Thanks, again, Mr. Frank.


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