Thursday, April 5, 2007


It is official.

I am no longer a card carrying Democrat. Both my memberships in the national and state parties have lapsed. And, I continue to toss away the "reminder" letters.

I am disappointed with the leaders and some of the elected "politicians" in the MDP and the DNC. Where are the heroes in the Democratic Party? My heroes have backbones. My heroes care more for the people than being elected and/or re-elected. My heroes serve the interests of the electorate and not those of corporations and the old megalomaniacal white farts that demand favors for their monies..

Will I continue to support progressive and liberal causes? Yes. Will I send money to aid a Democratic candidate for local, state, and/or national elections? Yes. Will I continue to vote? You bet your ass I will.

I am tired of the spin, the lies, and the obfuscation. And, I fear that the Democratic Party will blow the opportunities for greatness and real political reform. F@#k the pork projects, the earmarks, the bribes for votes, and anyone that seeks glory for themselves.

Serve the poor, the disenfranchised, the sick, the elderly, the veterans, and our military. Serve without any thoughts of reward or glory. Serve to secure world peace and international understanding.



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