Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quick Hit

Perhaps the Democratic Majority in Congress should take a play out of the Shrub's Diplomacy Handbook. The Dems should refuse to meet, talk, or otherwise bargain with King George II over the funding of the Iraq War and setting a date certain as to when we should withdraw our troops and treasure.

Why should Mr. Bush and his administration be "rewarded because of their bad behavior"? Until this Syria-us despot restores Habeas Corpus, denounces spying on his countrymen, ends "legalized" brutality (TORTURE), restores civility within his government, and improves relations with his neighbors and the rest of the world -- no one, absolutely no one, in any high ranking Democratic position should hold talks with him.

Ok, maybe we could recruit one of the honorable Canadian provincial premiers or an English MP to do some back door talks. However, the Dems should refuse to ever meet with the Boy King and have any direct talks. You know, we don't reward bad behavior.


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