Saturday, April 21, 2007

Republican Spin

Aside from the other night when I carelessly took my "morning" medications before going to bed the week has been great. One recent medication side effect has ended after a kick in the butt by my psychiatrist. He once told me to NOT take my second dose of Wellbutrin at night. He reminded me last Saturday. So, it's one AM and one before 4:00 PM.

The other side effects of my medication cocktail are still tolerable as long as I keep generating jokes about them. Preparing to squirt Presto-Whip on desserts is much easier now. I have no problems with the preparation directions "Shake well before using". And, eating soup is still comical.

Now to the subject of this post. The murderer of the Virginia Tech students and faculty was not Bipolar! Whatever the diagnosis the press is reporting about him should not include any mention of Bipolar Disorder. Can anyone for one minute believe that a manic episode would last through the waiting period needed to purchase 2 guns? The murders were premeditated. Many bipolar folks have trouble following through with most projects, let alone all the planning that took place for this massacre.

And, now, instead of a review of our gun laws (What hunter needs an assault rifle?), we have the Republicans spinning away at another issue -- our Mental Health system. Nothing happened with the issue of gun control following the Columbine murders and nothing will happen after this killing spree.

If anyone follows through with any action on the subject of mental health, I'd be surprised. Yes, the young Representative Kennedy's mental health insurance parity bill will have a better chance of passing through the House and the Senate. Does anyone believe that anything more will happen?

The drug industry will gain greater profits as doctors scramble to address the needs of their patients. The amateur general practitioners may prescribe their own versions of a psychiatric cocktail and probably adopt a "one size fits all" treatment plan. That will be a disaster for the patient needing real psychiatrists to monitor and tweak the medications that may bring relief and stability to the folks living with Bipolar Disorder. Will those "I can fix anything" doctors remember "First, do no harm ..."?

I have one more point/idea. I think that it may be beneficial for doctors to read some of the posts/diaries found in the Bipolar Planet web-ring. They may gain some understanding of our frustrations with medications and the whole damn roller coaster ride. What better source of first-hand information is there?



Jon said...

Unfortunatly, this event is being spun by every side with an axe to grind. It's inevitable after a tragedy like this.

Ol' Lady said...

Have you considered the Wellbutrin XL...only have to take once a day in the's good for me cause I have trouble remembering to take any thing, so if I can get everything to once a day it's better for me