Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sacred Ground

I caught just a minute of President George W. Bush's interview when he visited the campus where those tragic murders occurred. He made a statement that the university's campus was now sacred ground. What does that mean?

Does he mean that the shedding of the blood of innocent students and faculty somehow creates a sacred place? Does the murder of innocent people in one location make that place sacred?

If so, the former Governor George W. Bush may be responsible for helping to make the execution chambers in the State of Texas -- sacred ground. Only God and forensic scientists will know which innocent men and women were murdered by the State.

And, oh yes, what about the murders in Iraq? Does the creation of sacred ground apply to the deaths of non-Christianists?



Philip Brubaker said...

Pointed commentary. You raise a good question.

Bleeding Heart said...

I Love your passion with politics...

I truly believe that when people do speeches and uses certain words and terminology they don't look up the meaning of the words they choose.