Thursday, May 31, 2007

¿Am I Really Surprised?

I still have the patience of an elementary teacher. I can wait my turn at the barbershop like the best of them. Isn´t it grand that I could have that experience, again.

Just ahead of me were a gentlemen in the barber´s chair and 3 young boys. I waited and watched what little street traffic there was going by the shop. I listened in on the conversation of the barber and his client...

¿How else can any immersion student learn the language?

Maybe my Bipolar II paranoia was kicking in ... Maybe what I heard was real ... I thought that I had heard the "M" word. Twice.

Without reacting, I slowly reached for the local GDL (Guadalajara) newspaper. I found the first section and began to read. They stopped talking and did not say another word until the haircut was complete. Hmmmmmmmm ...

I do read and comprehend Spanish very well .... Maybe next time, I´ll hear all of the conversation and find a graceful way to shame the gossiper ....


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Ol' Lady said...

hey sound pretty relaxed :) your new life style seems to be agreein with you, I am happy for you and your guy.
it sounds like a slow paced place and the food sounds wonderful.
o.k. I guess I'm a bit on the stupid side but what is the 'M' word?