Monday, May 7, 2007

Bipolar + Sanity

Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I am sane.

After four years of retirement, I have decided to do something new and I expect fantastic results. I am in the process of moving. My worldly possesions have been sold, gifted, or put aside for an estate sale. My mortgage company has agreed to sell my condo. We have only a computer, some books, some music CDs, clothing, bedding, and all the cat sh*t we'll need.

I now know something of the freeing and cleansing experience of giving away all of one's worldly treasures.

We will be taking up residency in a small community that some call "God's Waiting Room". I am not going to "wait" on God. I will be enjoying life and gathering new experiences.

To my Bipolar Planet friends -- I have not done anything rash or stupid. I am not running away from any troubles. I am running towards a new life.

Think goods thoughts for us.......


Jon said...

All the best, my friend. I fantasize about that - getting rid of my possessions, and starting fresh with only what I really need.

Ol' Lady said...

sounds quite sane to me.
just cause it isn't what 'normal' people would do doesn't make it wrong.
I'm happy to see that you decided to make LeeHarris happy and not everyone else.
Hope you have a wonderful time discovering what you want.
I did something similar once and people told people that I was locked up in a nut house! Truth was that I was doing what I wanted for MY life not everyone else's...and it felt way good. I am so much happier in my life be good...if ya can't be good then at least be careful :p
waitin and hopin for more updates

Ol' Lady said...

oh and something else...I gave up reading newspapers, watching the news and pretty much everything else that I world is more fun, besides others will tell ya what's going on out there. why get yer shit in a knot fer someone other than yerself? that's just wastin energy that you could be using for other things. :)

Chipoone said...

taking off out of the blue doesn't necesseraly rime with manic episodes and insanity. rather it can blend with wise choices of life change, dreams and challenge.
I've done the same...
and wouldn't hesitated doing it again
labelled crazy or not...

Chipoone said...

it's an urge, a need for adventure, a craving for freedom - real freedom...