Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Culture of Life

The Culture of Life?

I want to scream every time I here some spinning and obfuscating Republican say that phrase. It is a code word for someone who does not support the right to privacy and the reproductive rights of women. It is absolutely maddening that every Republican candidate for president in the 2008 Presidential Election panders to their conservative base with such words.

Unfortunately, if the conservative Republicans really supported a "culture of life" they would not support the tax increases to insure a true culture of life. They would not want the government to create the new and comprehensive programs nor spend the monies needed.

In my "perfect world" the culture of life would:

1. Provide the best prenatal care with testing and nutritional advice and assistance.

2. Provide "Well Baby" care, including all immunizations.

3. Provide comprehensive insurance/medical care for all citizens from birth to death.

4. Provide the best education where teachers are not forced to teach to a test. Provide world class laboratories, swimming pools, PE supplies, classroom supplies, computers, and wireless access to the Internet throughout the school district.

5. Provide no-cost college educations for all that desire to learn.

6. Provide a comprehensive human sexuality education that includes all options and information about the prevention of STDs, AIDS, and pregnancies.

7. Provide for information and all the options available for women to exercise their reproductive freedom.

8. Provide all care and expenses for those with with terminal illnesses.

9. Provide families with respite care for elderly parents and other dependents.

10. Provide counseling and medications for those living with mental illnesses.

11. Provide grief counseling for the family and friends of the dead and dying.

My short list represents some of my ideas. All of these services would be provided to everyone without cost.

Wouldn't you support a culture of life that really is devoted to life? The hate and fear that is promoted by so-called Christians must end. In other words, put up or shut up!!


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Jon said...

Sure there's a conservative culture of life. Gotta be careful to have enough kids to send to war. Then, you have to save a few back to have enough to kill when they screw up and get sentenced to death.