Thursday, May 3, 2007

Just Another Fun Filled Day

What do you call two bipolar guys that run away from home and stay a week in the first hotel they come to?

Answer: Two bipolar guys.

Yes, here we are. We've made one of the most important decisions in our nearly 18 years together and we stop at a hotel to gather our wits and really get our shit together. Can you say

We will check out of this hotel and continue on our journey in the fast approaching morning.

Hell, I didn't even remember to take my meds tonight. I read one of my bipolar blogs and was reminded by her mention of her med regime. I have even forgotten to take one med this week -- nearly a whole week.... You'd think I would notice that the tremors were less severe....

We've got to get on our way.



Ol' Lady said...

o.k. I obviously missing some fucking link in your life...when did you guys decide to run away? Are you going to go back?
Did you come to Canada to 'hide'?
I would appericate an update, I know I don't leave lots of comments to ya leeharris but you are one of my regular stops (sounds not quite right) and I do care about PLEASE...soon :)

Jon said...


Philip Brubaker said...

Lee, I don't understand. If I am to understand your post, it sounds like you're getting into some trouble. At least you were sane enough to post again. Hope you don't do anything drastic.