Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Success Is No Violence

"Success Is No Violence," President George W. Bush.

So, now we know. The Shrub has finally defined what needs to happen in Iraq to be able to claim success. We WIN the WAR when the Iraqi Civil War ends and the terrorists stand down.

I am so relieved. King George somehow "knows" that the centuries of violence between Shia and Sunni Muslims will stop and the legacy of his presidency will be assured. The small percentage of violence caused by Al Queda will also end. Thank God! When our troops come home the terrorists will not swim the great expanse of oceans to "fight" us here in North America.

Does that "inspired" definition of a successful war apply elsewhere? Will the "War on Marijuana" end? Does anyone know any violent pot heads?

Is the "War on Christmas" over? Only the rhetoric from the Christian Right was vile.

Is the "War on Traditional Marriage" over? I don't recall any gay on straight violence.

Is the "War on Reproductive Freedom" over? Have the so-called pro-lifers denounced the murder of doctors and the bombing of medical clinics? Will they focus on the needs of the children born and the elderly?

Is the "War on the So-Called Gay Agenda over? Will Matthew Shepard be one of the last martyrs? Will Phelps and his family go home and worship God and His Son? Will the "Focus" and "Save" groups end the emotional terrorism against Gay, Lesbian, and Transgendered persons?

Will we have "peace" in our times?

We can only hope.

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