Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Waiting is a luxury and a pleasure. ¿Bothersome? ¿Why? ¿What is there to hurry to?

The life of a retiree in Ajijic is what the retiree wants it to be. Sure, you may want to make it to the town square on Sundays before 7 PM. The "dessert" lady comes to the square with numerous other vendors around that time. The older woman makes one of the best apple pies that I have ever had.

Tacos, roasted corn, fruit, and the best bacon wrapped hotdogs south of the border are on the square most evenings. Weekends bring out more vendors. Food, toys, dulces, and ballons become available.

Fast food is nowhere to be found. ¿And, who cares?

Food additives, especially high fructose corn syrup, are rare if not non-existent. Coke is made with real sugar, like we had it in my youth. Everything is fresh and made to order........ ¿so waiting?

No problema.


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