Sunday, June 3, 2007


Our friends are all beginning to think that Budd and I are hard-partiers or vampires. Along with the "why wear watches" crowd, we don't have a set bedtime. Getting up and returning to bed as a morning routine is more appealing each day.

We are still at the Internet Cafe. We hope to have DSL a.s.a.p. after we move into the house. These Spanish keyboards are becoming easier every day.


The "F" word is well know. The "C" word sometimes is the only word to descibe her. Fag, queer, and other words are slowing gaining "" status. In Spanish, one of the many slurs is maricon. Needless to say, if ya gotta call me sum'tin, ... I don´t even wanna know ya.


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Ol' Lady said...

I can really understand the idea behind no's been 2 yrs since I stopped workin...I'm slowly adjustin to it (guess I'm just slower than most)
Why is it when you have no 'schedule' that slowly night becomes your day and day becomes your night? I have to constantly watch myself or I get all fucked up with my sleep which then is bad for me (and everyone around me)
Hope you get into your new place and get hooked up to the net soon.
BTW I'm givin up readin any of your paragraphs that only have letters for some words (which obviously proves that I am either a fuckin idiot or a hillbillie redneck that lives to far from reality)
Anyways...what the long as you guys are enjoyin life...rock on :)