Tuesday, June 5, 2007

¿May I See a Show of Hands?

No talking points. No slogans (i.e. The War on Terror). No resumes. No references to one´s 5 point plan that has no specific actions.

Just tell me what you will do for me and why I should believe that you´ll do it better than the other guy.

And, aren´t there greater matters of importance in America and the World than someone´s political party, religion, and personal views about morals and civility.

Keep it simple and real.

And, Wolfie --- just stop.



Ol' Lady said...

I like being simple...don't think that writes the way I want it to sound...oh well I'm sure you know what I mean :p

Unknown said...

I don't know what you mean about Wolfie, but Amen, Brother. :-) I get SO sick and tired of it. I mean, who really cares, why are these even issues - to them, about them, and in Congress and for the President? Just leave us alone already.