Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pay Attention

Another childhood memory popped into my head the other day. I knew it had some relevance. And, perhaps, in no time it may resurface. Of course it did, really, just as I struggled with the word "relevance". Really.

I recalled one of my "bipolar acts" in high school . Whatever the hell that means...

Maybe the professionals out there would put another "label" on the behavior. The "stressor" was severe. In the 10th grade, I began to experienment with drugs. When I look back, I really see the beginnings of my self-destructive behavior.

I would find my connection along the woods where the smokers and others hung out before school and at lunch. When I scored, I would take it immediately. ¡Yep! No waiting. No "social" use at that time in my life.

The funny thing is that my grades never suffered. All except one marking period in Biology. I aced every test. I had all A's. But, that pesky Science Fair assignment was worth a bit more than half the grade that period. I didn´t do the science project.

I didn't want to torture any planaria (no spell check here). I didn't want to "demonstrate" anything. In one rash move -- I convinced myself that I wouldn´'t do it and I wouldn´t care.

¿Bipolar behavior?

Another "crazy" thing about that marking period. I got a "D". And, Mom and Dad never said a word. No questions. No comments.



Ol' Lady said...

hey leeharris I tried to email you and the email addy that I have is NFG (I know the meanin of those letters :)
I have moved my blog to a new place
hope to see you soon :)

Bleeding Heart said...

I could totally relate to your post.

I always wondered if I was Bipolar back as a Teen...Or if I was going through something "Different."

Do you think that we are born Bipolar? It is genetic, we have the gene, I guess we could.

Ol' Lady said...

leeharris...where the hell are you? I miss you :(