Thursday, July 26, 2007

All Because the Gays are Getting Married: I'm Not To Blame

(H/T to The Daily Dish)

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Ol' Lady said...

o.k...lee I waited and waited and waited (dial up ya know) for this video to load (I must really like you to wait for that long) I didn't know what to expect, I guess curiosity, in wantin to know what all the hoop law is about gays??? Why can't people be people? So many times I feel ignorant when I read your posts. You talk about comments or slang and I have no fuckin idea what your talking about(maybe it's better if I don't know). We live in the north (as you know) and we are hillbillies (lmfao...billie) and rednecks, we are not stupid (both me and Ol Man are very well edjamakated, I was voted most smartest in gr 6 for 3 yrs straight! :p ) there is maybe 200 people in this town/village includin outlyin area. We are not from here (Ol Man was miltary) but loved the area and have stayed. The locals are french inbreads :o
old school type people (men is men and goats are scared) anyways there are several couples (women) in our community and no one treats them any different than anyone else. I have known the one lady for a long time (she was the first person I ever sold a car to when I started selling cars 12 yrs ago) her and her spouse were the first to get married in Ontario! They are great people and participate in alot of community things here and her spouse works for the township. They are normal people so are all of the others that I know in our area (men & women)...I wonder why our community seems to be so different then the general jist of what I hear/read in the news. I think I have went in a couple of different directions here...what I am tryin to say is why do so many people make such big deals of other peoples personal business?
sorry for usin up so much of your comment space...fuck I'm worth
don't know if any of what I said makes any sense? I have re read what I have written and I don't even know what the fuck I am tryin to say...but I'm gonna hit publish anyways...hope I make some sense to you (you should understand me cause you is fuckin crazy and gots bipolar too and as far as I know we (people with bipolar) think a bit off center)
oh and the video...I didn't get it...I think I'll just quit tryin to figure it out...
Hope you guys have a good weekend :)