Saturday, July 7, 2007

Another Sunny Day

The rainy season here is not more than a couple months long. It rains mostly at night and usually ends by early morning. It rained last night and it seems it will be sunny and warm all day today.

Yes, another sunny day.

I expect tomorrow to be sunny and warm, as well as, the next day and the day after that...

Optimism? No, reality.

I expect the next year to be fun, eventful, and interesting. I'm not setting any "dates" to visit the top of an extinct volcano, to visit nearby Aztec ruins, or to visit Mexico City. One day, we'll climb the trail to the Catholic Shrine that is about half way to the top of one of the nearby mountains. We'll go the the hot springs and also visit Tequila.

After all, as I've said before, I have the rest of my life to do those things. Having turned 52 on Friday was great. Living here for the next 20+ years will be fantastic.


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