Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Card Club

Getting ready for Mom's Card Club night was easy for me. When it was Mom's turn to host all I had to do was, "....keep out of the way, set up the card tables and chairs, and get your butt out of sight until the ladies leave....."

Mom, on the other hand, was BUSY. Celery, pickles, olives and other "formal" munchies were prepared. God knows how many times my mother would swoop through the house with the rug sucker and dust furniture at the same time. The house had to be spotless.

There was always a special dessert. Who cared about eating the left over stuffed celery and macaroni salad? I always hoped that there would be desserts and other sweets for the rest of us.

I don't recall how many years the Card Club had met. At Mom's funeral one of the ladies from the club told me it was nearly 20 years. She and other former members of the club sent flowers and came to the funeral home together.

20 years of coming together to play cards, chat, and enjoy food together.....20 years of dressing to the nines, dainty hats, and for some time -- little white gloves....20 years with friends, neighbors, and family sharing a monthly night out together.

The Card Club was important to those ladies. And, all of the families knew that ya gotta give the Ol' Lady some space and time to herself from time to time........

Whose deal is it? Oh, yes, we're playing Court Whist.


Tery Lynne said...

Unfortunately, times are not like that today. Family and so-called close friends live in different states.

I grew up in a Big Italian Family where my cousins were like brothers and sisters...but now it is just not like that anymore.

As they say, "Those were the good ole days."

Tery - Dreamwriter

Ol' Lady said...

Sounds like it was an interesting group.
The only time my family got together when I was growing up was pretty much for funerals...