Thursday, July 12, 2007

Darkness and Doom

It is difficult sometimes to read the dairies of my fellow Bipolar Planet friends and acquaintances. I even made two bookmark groups. One group blogs rather frequently and the others have delayed their return to regular blog entries.

As mentioned in my profile, I blog for therapy. I need to rant about American politics and stupidity from all corners. And, from time to time I tell stories....

I am really concerned with the diary tones of some folks living with Bipolar I and II. It is distressing that some find themselves in deep dark places. I don't know how I can respond with comments, encouragement, and empathy sometimes. Those folks flying high with hypomania are sometimes the hardest to reach.

STABILITY is my mantra, my goal, and my salvation. Many times I forget that it may be hard for some to relate to me now that I infrequently struggle with the blues and hypomania. My happiness is not infectious and may turn some folks off...

So, what to do? Good wishes, prayer, and my determination to remain an active participant in the Bipolar Planet seems all I can do right now.

Enough for now --- hang in there, Folks.



Philip Brubaker said...

Lee, I know exactly how you feel. I often have no fucking clue how to respond to completely despondent posts, again and again from the same person. It's sad and frustrating. For stability, you have to give up the highs. That's what I did, after my last hospitalization two years ago. I decided I would never be hospitalized again. No highs since then, but no real lows. I stay on my meds and I believe in myself. I have family support. I'm doing well. So it's frustrating to read from people you care about, that their life is a living hell. Sorry to go off on a rant, but this is something that has been building in me for a while.

Jon said...

Several times I've seen suicide threats that I perceived to be quite real. I feel morally bound to take action, and it's been resented every time. To be quite honest, I find that I have to sometimes avoid those blogs where the blogger is in this frame of mind. I feel bad about this, and I know I'm a terrible friend, but it's a matter of self survival.