Wednesday, July 4, 2007


A few months back I announced my decision to leave the Democratic Party. Today I am an Independent. I am freer to neither support or trust any political party. I am no longer supporting HillPac.

Isn't this just one of the freedoms we cherish today?

The Soviets once had a fake opposition party and the public always voted 100% for the ruling party (read dictatorship). Englanders once attempted to sweep away all Catholic influences and established a "State" Church. Some disaffected Mormons that turned back from the great journey to Utah were murdered by Avenging Angels. Their sinful "choice" was countered by the belief that turning one's back to the Church would lead them into greater sins. Only by shedding the blood of those wayward souls could they be redeemed.

We may choose. At least until more elected officials and the Supremes decide to reinvent and reinterpret our Constitution. The extremist Christians continue to work towards establishing a de facto theocracy. They are intent upon legalizing bigotry and limiting, then ending, the reproductive rights of women.

We must fight to retain the freedoms that the Founding Fathers intended that we enjoy.

We celebrate our independence and are reminded that we have a wannabe king that has violated the rule of law. We must fight to retain and recover our Constitution from the heretics and liars. Then, I will wave a sparkler, light a firecracker, and send an exploding mortar in to the sky.

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