Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Had Everybody Fooled

I once felt that if you knew me I would disgust you
And lose you as a friend.
I could not share my secret self.
I was not real.

I could not trust you with the truth.
I thought I would be humiliated
I feared losing my family,
And my hopes and dreams.

I am an actor.
I had everybody fooled
And no one knew my secret life.
Maybe, no one cared.

I was not real.
The weight of the truth
And the constant performances
Were killing me from the inside out.

My soul was dying
And, I was dulling my pain.
I took self-destructive risks.
I did not want that life.

Salvation came when I could love myself
And reject the fear.
I accepted myself.
I began to live.

I am finally real.
My life is real
And finally the last secret was
Loudly spoken.

My life is my own.
Should you not care to know me,
Walk away.
You won't be missed.

I am real.
You know my secrets and the truth.
You needn't clap your hands because,
I believe in me.


Unknown said...

Is that the lyrics to a song? Or a poem? Did you write it? I REALLY like it, in a sad way, of course. I'm *very* sorry if that's how you're feeling right now...(big hugs) Yes, you should believe in you, because you're such a wonderful person!!! I believe in you, too!

Ol' Lady said...

I Lubs you for being YOU!

Be true to yourself then how could any one not love you?

I'm not gonna write a book in your comments this time :) I hope I did not offend you in my last comment.