Monday, July 9, 2007

It's Official

Dare I make the first proclamation that the 110th Congress should now be called "The Do-Nothing Congress"?

When several American troops and countless mercenaries (paid for with your tax-dollar) are being murdered each day, when new-born babies die at at rate greater than most in the world, when old folks must choose between expensive prescription medicines and food, when New Orleans is ignored, and when justice is denied our United States Senate's Judiciary Committee must on Thursday:

"...move on to the weighty subject of too many Americans not knowing the words to the national anthem and will consider S. Res. 236, "a resolution supporting the goals and ideals of the National Anthem Project, which has worked to restore America's voice by re-teaching Americans to sing the national anthem." has the Senate's entire schedule for this week with appropriate remarks.

How freaking insane!!!!!

Who the hell sets the priority on what legislation is important and which crap resolution should be put far back in line after the poor, the war, and the general welfare of the citizens of the United Sates? Who is responsible for triage? Will Hawkeye Pierce please slap those stupid jerks!!!

People are dying and we need to discuss the singing of our National Anthem.

It's Official!!


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Bleeding Heart said...

I saw the picture of John Edwards and I have to ask..Is it true that he payed $1200 for a hair cut and at the same time he is trying to help the less fortunate?