Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just Another Day

Today I experienced major stress and a known trigger for extreme mood swings or rapid cycling. I had an appointment with the "rental management" company to return the keys to the apartment on the town square. I'd tried not to get too worked up about the final inspection, final paperwork, and the return of the security deposit and unspent misc. funds.

Unfortunately, one too many gringos had told us that we could kiss the security deposit goodbye. They claimed that the Mexican landlords were known for screwing renters. But....wait for it....wait.......Yes, they hadn't dealt with me!!! I've read and re-read the English language rental agreement a dozen times --- yes, I'm driven.

In fact, in early July, I went to the rental manager's to make the July 31st appointment. I was given a strange look or too, especially after I announced that I expected the security deposit and unspent "repair" fund returned to me on that day. I got a sort of "um, we ...." before I jumped in and reminded them that my contract ends as of the 31st and the monies are to be returned that day according to the rental agreement.

I was ready to go this morning. After the usual SS&S, I dressed "up", as much as one does with black Levi's and a rather snazzy short sleeve shirt, put on a watch (hiisssssssss) and walked to the apartment. I arrived about 45 minutes before the inspector and I made a final walk through, paced, and re-read the rental agreement twice more. The inspection went well and I was off walking to the rental manager's offices down the block.

Once there, I waited .... shouldn't have worn the damn watch....waiting is never fun if you know the damn time. Finally, the verdict was read. "Do you want the security deposit back in cash or a check? And, we estimate that your electric bill will be about 200 pesos, so you'll get 1,800 pesos back from the misc. fund."

And, me, being honest, said, "What about the cable TV bill?"

You wouldn't believe the puzzled look on the lady's face. "You have cable? Are you supposed to pay for it?"

Ah, "Yes, it's in the contract. And, by the way, I was in this office in mid-June and I canceled the service."

The next few exchanges are hard to describe. She prattled on about the landlord paying it and so I had to pay all three months. I reminded her that I was in the office, chatted with the young man in the cashier's cage, and told him why I wanted to cancel the cable while he was on the phone with the cable company. She said that he didn't recall my being in and having canceled the cable----------------

I made a rude comment.

OKAY, I stated bluntly that if he didn't remember, she had a bad employee. "I have an extremely good memory!"

She left the room. She may have went to talk to the guy. When she returned, she said I did not have to pay July's cable TV bill. Good. Then, I made another rude comment and walked to the bank with her assistant to get $400USD and 1,300 pesos.

OKAY, OKAY ------------- "So, your rental management company doesn't manage all of the bills?"

I do believe that my Harris sarcasm was well understood.

On the way to the bank, the rental agent's assistance asked why I had moved out of the apartment. I was brutally honest and she seemed shocked. "Blah, blah, blah, security, blah, blah...." I am sure her boss got the rest of my message......

I am proud that I never lost it today. I could have exploded and gone ape shit. The meds do work.......

Yes, hmmm, let's see, yes -- I'm phreaking hypomanic.

It's all good in Paradise.

P.S. When I got back to the house I found a note dated 22 de junio. I had written the list of things I had done at the rental agency that day, including canceling the #$%@ cable TV service.


Ol' Lady said...

WOW!!! and no one was killed...I'm proud of ya :)

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