Thursday, July 12, 2007


We have a maid.

We trust her and she is a cleaning demon. We were already becoming good friends before she asked us if we "needed" a maid. She quit her $10 USD per day job as a bartender ($60 USD per week) to try a more lucrative "business".

As Mrs. T becomes a maid she is already doing very well as clients find her! She no doubt can clean 2 or more apartments and houses each day. Her "day" at a home could be 3 - 4 hour. Many folks will have her come in to clean twice a week At about $3 USD per hour --- well, you can do the math.

Memo and I have decided to have her come over on Mondays and Thursdays. We will probably have her use some of her time cooking meals for us on Thursdays. We have yet to talk about laundry. Two 4 hour days = 8 hours per week = $24 USD. Mrs. T can earn more than double each day as a maid.

As you can see, bartenders make good wages, but the maids do much better.

Do we really "need" a maid. Let's just say that keeping the tiled floors clean would be more than I can do with my neck problem. I should make my own bed, but at twice a week the bedroom is organized and spotless. The patio and front "patio" are swept. And, coming home to a fresh, clean pine smelling bathrooms and floors is a delight.


Hell no!!!

I'm retired.


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Ol' Lady said...

There is nothin wrong with havin a maid :) I'm on your side.