Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rest and Rain

I seem to have had a new and unique episode of ADD along with the hypomania that has carried me higher on the Bipolar-Coaster. I had never known what a freaking experience it is having extreme ADD. I left the cat outside and ...... I was a mess.

Kids, I never knew how really difficult it is to function when you had your worst days.

I had no choice but to medicate, meditate, and move into dreamland early last night. I slept 9 hours and feel just fine. It's that whole sleep thing, sometimes. A good sleep routine, even if aided by chemistry, is a key part of MY life with Bipolar II. The "triggers" --- I can't give a rat's ass about them, now.

It's on with the day. We've had rain all morning, however, the mountains are a lush green and the rainy season brings on the growing season. The trees are flowering, my garden is blooming, and EVERYWHERE exotic plants are budding, blooming, and broadcasting their seeds.

If I have to live with a mental illness, chronic pain, and a tendency to trip, what better place than HOME SWEET HOME.

It's all good.

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Ol' Lady said...

It's good that you are able to recognize when your getting out of hand with yourself and that you are able to medicate enough to get some good sleep.
I find that a routine for sleeping and proper meal times really help to keep me some what better. When my sleep gets fucked up I'm usually screwed for at least a day.
The trees and flowers sound so nice.