Monday, July 30, 2007

A Room With A View

As the rain was pelting the stone road the caballero y su caballo rode quickly down our road. Others scampered to their homes or jobs. Very few folks were out and about --- the majority already at their places of work or home working. The rain was short in duration, but provided many inches of much needed and desired rain.

Later in the day, after the sun came out, the garden areas in our backyard were dry. The garden "beds" in the back are narrow and run along the east and west walls. The back wall has no "garden spots", only our banana trees and the mango tree.

The dryness of the back yard could well be attributed to the fact that our house is on a hill. We have rain spouts everywhere and rain water flows through a grate in the patio and through pipes to a corner of the bottom front step, then onto the street. Rainwater drains off quickly and heads to the lake.

Having an older colonial style home is a treat. Being on a hill makes it all the more interesting. Our front threshold is at least 5 feet above street level. From our spacious living room (with a fireplace) one must step up about 8 inches to the dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and primary bedroom. One must step up another 8 inches to go out the back door.

The second bedroom is on the same level as the back door, however, one must step up another 8 inches to get to the shower and mudroom. From the outside of the mudroom there is a gentle sloping lawn that reaches the back wall.

At the end of this day, the sky is clear and sunny. The clothing left hanging on the roof will need to rewashed. So, I must go to the roof.

Going to the roof is also a treat. Our two tanacas (water tanks) sit atop the roof of the second bedroom. Our mirador stands tall near the center of the main roof. Wires acting as clothes lines strung here and there have on occasion attempted to kill me......

Tonight, if I am fortunate, I'll be able to sit quietly in the mirador and watch the night sky. We have a full moon and I anticipate another beautiful night. That is --- unless we have rain.......

If it rains we will still have a beautiful night in paradise.

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Ol' Lady said...

aaawww your place sounds so nice :)