Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Streets, Stairs, and Barstools

My first visit to our village in November was "disrupted" by a minor fall (read trip). I tripped up to a sidewalk from the street. The heights of all "curves" here vary greatly and I scrapped one ankle and bruised the knee of the other leg.

I immediately felt embarrassed and the first word out of my mouth was, "scheisse." Then, I laughed out loud because here I was in Mexico and swearing in German.

Needless to say, that injury was minor except for some ribbing from my new friends. You see, everyone down here trips from time to time. Uneven rock roads and sidewalks are just one more charming aspect of Paradise.

As for stairs, the unsatisfactory apartment had uneven tiled steps that opened dangerously to the upper landing. I do not know how many times I nearly fell up or down those steps. And, at our new house I fell sideways off our steps deeply scraping the underside of my right knee and and scraping the left ankle. I also broke away the end of the step's brick and mortar "railing". It had to be patched and reshaped.

That "accident" got even more laughter from our friends. The pain was tolerable.

I have never been this accident prone in my life. I am having an occasional loss of balance and do watch your glass (and mine) if we are sitting together. I've been knocking over glasses left and right. It can be dangerous sitting on a barstool next to me. Either my Coca or my neighbor's cervesa will topple.

A month ago after rising from a barstool I apparently fell directly backwards. My lowest back right rib broke and parts of my lower back were bruised. The pain.....

I awoke the next morning with no memory of falling and what happened after my 3rd double Bloody Mary. I had my second blackout in 40 years. And, since I don't like drinking this was a fairly rare event. Honestly!

So, I sit here with a mending rib whose pain is lessening every day contemplating whether I should go out and get a large bottle of Tylenol. Naaaaaaa... I'll use an herbal pain remedy.

Time for the next dose...

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soulful sepulcher said...

Just found your blog via purple dog's. Had to make a comment that I wish I was in Mexico when I recently fell and wrenched my knee.