Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ups and Downs

My "Bipolar Sunday" report hasn't been made for quite some time. I don't have any news articles to quote. I have been reading "Google Alerts" for bipolar depression.

Unfortunately, the many articles that I have read sometimes contain contradictory information. Medications don't work -- medications do work. Health parity legislation is opposed by the insurance industry. Criminals are now trying to use their alleged bipolar diagnosis as an excuse for their actions. And, new medications are being introduced while the older meds are yet to be fully studied and understood.

Side effects from our bipolar medications continue to "bother" the folks that take them. Many believe they can "treat themselves" with diet, exercise, and/or vitamins. We all want to be able to "live with" bipolar depression and we try to choose what works for each of us. And, some trust their pdocs and many do not.

My meds work. The side effects are tolerable. I do have an occasional moment of unsteadiness. My right knee and lower left leg are evidence of that clumsiness. My cracked back ribs came about when I made a misstep at a local pub and fell backwards.

Yes, I have a few aches and pains. I have noticeable tremors. My medications grant me a great deal of stability. I hope that the severe depression and hypomania that I have experienced, will be held in check.

My doctor in Ajijic has already lectured me about staying on my medications. "Good days" should never convince anyone to stop taking their medications. I'm even lucky enough to be able to purchase most of my psychiatric cocktail medications here through my doctor.

Take care, everyone.


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