Friday, August 3, 2007

Cycle THIS!!!

It seems that Tuesday's "confrontation" did phuck me up.

I was hypomanic Tuesday, then Wednesday I cycled down. I'm okay. At least I walked to the square on Thursday. Well, I sort of had to -- the maid comes at 2 PM.

Today? I was up early and read my blogs, filled a bucket of hot water with an appropriate quantity of bleach and white laundry, sat in the sun, and .... So, my activity level is up and Memo and I are going to see the Harry Potter movie at 5 PM. I'm excited about that. The English language film only got here last Friday. The Spanish language version was here for a couple of weeks before the English version.

And, now I have errands to do before we go tho see HARRY POTTER ~

And, so it goes, the bipolar coaster is what it is.... onwards from the 10th Row, Seat 15 to the mezzanine.

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Ol' Lady said...

Sounds like your doing better with handling situations.
Harry Potter??? Dam, I want to see the last couple movies. Since I can't remember shit I want to get all of the movies on DVD and have a Harry Potter at the camp weekend (or weekdays). I had the first 4 books and read them (when I could remember things) then Baby loaned the 1st one to my ex...and I haven't seen it since! I've got to replace it and get the last ones, I have to have all of them...maybe I will be able to read again soon...
So...Was the movie good?