Tuesday, August 7, 2007


She was special. She knew her father loved his "ErmaKa". He knew she was special, too. Erma's parents made her special when naming her Erma Loraine Fuhrwerk. She was an E.L.F.

Maybe she was teased about her special acronym or equally envied.

Year after year Erma signed her name on school papers, autograph books, letters, and so on...

High Schooler E.L. Fuhrwerk decided to get a part-time at Babcock's Dairy store. She was required to apply for a work permit. The work permit required that a birth certificate be produced.

Erma was devastated. 15 years earlier someone misspelled her name on the official record of her birth. With that discovery she wasn't special anymore. She was just Irma.

We may never know why Erma's parents didn't ask for a correction. Perhaps it was the cost or they were never offered the choice. Irma had a long life of opportunities to make the change to the name her parents had intended for her. She didn't.

Erma/Irma was special. She had a husband and children that loved her and honor her memory. She was loved by family and friends. Irma/Erma was special.

Today, Irma's family still has it's very own ELF.

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