Saturday, August 11, 2007

Suzy Sunshine

"Stress" has a meaning in the world of folks living with Bipolar I & II that is not quite what muggles believe they have experienced. In addition to the muggle definition, we have "events" or stressors that may provoke a slip into depression or a jump to hypermania and may be preceded with a socially inappropriate "scene". (I've had explosive anger laced with expletives and/or sudden panic attacks that required me to "run" home, ASAP.)

I've been side tracked with a bout of social anxiety and may only leave the house on the days when the maid comes. Memo is right there in the trench beside me. I have experienced some rapid cycling since a major stressor last week and earlier in this week. And, let's not get started with some obsessive compulsive behavior...

This will all pass when my medication cocktail is itself stabilized. We've been having some delays in obtaining our meds. I also don't know if the rapid dissolving Lamictal is having some strange effects.

Well, the sun will come out tomorrow (It's the altitude and mountain environment that practically mandates afternoon sunshine...) and we'll be back to doing what retirees do.....


Jon said...

You illustrate what I've been saying for years - everyone believes they're under more stress than anyone else. Let's see those people add bipolar disorder to their daily stressors, and then see how they handle it.

I stability comes for you soon.

Tery Lynne said...

I know the feeling. I am going to start College August 22nd and I am freakin out and my Anxiety disorder is on overdrive.

I have reached a point the bad attitude like...whatever, and having negative thoughts that something is going to happen and I won't be able to go.

I know about the social anxiety, too...I have that big time.

People are clueless and don't realize how bipolars react to stress sometimes...

I am now in a depression, but a small part of me feels a Mania coming on :)

Weeeeee....what fun!