Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wanker of the Week

Meet Senator Ted Stevens (R-AL) the famous cheerleader for the Republican pork barrel project that would send millions of dollars to the State of Alaska for a major bridge to an island having fewer than 100 residents.

Meet Ted Stevens and his son, a former leader in Alaska's State Legislature. Sonny resigned .... corruption......

Now, meet Teddy, spoiled old white fart that believes he has earned a few perks as a United States Senator and the oldest ranking Republican in the Senate..... So, who cares if you steer some government contracts to your buddy? He's such a good buddy that he oversaw the renovation of Teddy's home.........

And the water gets muddier and the shit deeper.

Read the "Investigation Timeline" published in the New York Times.

Resign OLD MAN.

Alaskans deserve better......

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