Friday, September 28, 2007


Yes, my friends, that special place in Hell has lots of room left for those freaking war mongers.........

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quick Hits

Blackwater --- We (the US Taxpayers -- yes, I pay Federal Taxes in the US) are paying for a very expensive private army to do the work that the American military can not. Out-sourcing in the most absurd manner EVER!! And, we are supporting OUR troops with low wages, cuts in benefits, and more time in the war zones...... while some pendejos make HUGE profits.

Nobody should profit from WAR!

Medical Insurance Companies --- I believe that all health care should be NON-profit. My health insurers (MESSA - when a teacher / Blue Cross - as a retiree) have always been non-profits. We should put people first -- not corporate profits.

When MESSA had "profits" the company expanded benefits for the education employees covered. That was -- until Michigan for-profit companies demanded that their State Legislators screw with MESSA. It didn't take much to convince anti-teacher anti-union State Representatives and State Senators to f*@k with hard working dedicated teachers, secretaries, bus drivers, and custodians.


Nobody should profit from injury and illness.

No Gays in Iran & No Gays in the U.S. Senate

United States Senator Larry Craig (R - Idaho) needs to shut up. No one lurks in tea rooms (Public Restrooms) peeping through cracks in the stall walls and taps their toes to signal other "straight" or queer men unless they are looking for some ACTION..........

Is Larry Craig gay?

He is not a "Perfect One" on the Kinsey Scale (I'm a 5).

Breaking News: No Gays in Iran


The elfish (READ: troll) president of Iraq spoke to a highly educated crowd at Columbia University yesterday. Rather than focus on this dishonest academic pretender's propaganda message the wingnuts in Republican Party want to punish Columbia University.

Not only is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad advocating that science revisit the Holocaust (after denying that the "historical event" ever happened), the provocateur blandly stated yesterday that Iran does not have homosexuals. Did you hear the student laughing and booing? Pendejo!!!

The western world will always keep a wary eye on leaders of countries where science is shoved aside by superstition and stupidity....... Oh, shit --- so much for Bush and the U.S.A. ----

The Iranians murder their gay folk by hanging -- our Saudi "friends" chop off heads..........

585 Posts in 13 Months

With Malice Toward None is 13 months old. I began blogging on August 25, 2006.

Bring Our Troops Home

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bush = Saddam

Your Moment of Zen

The Hell With Mattel

Why in the Hell is Mattel apologizing to China?

Duh, we're sorry that you Commies made OUR toys with lead paint.....

Duh, we're sorry that some US citizens now know that "Free Trade" is bullshit....

Duh, we're sorry that some US citizens now know that China's 40 Hour Work Week, Work Place Safety, and Wage Standards are mere fantasy....

I suggest we have a Mattel Free Christmas this year!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Under the Banana Trees II

Living in the mountains of central Mexico is an adventure of a lifetime. I am reminded daily of the majesty of God's Creation. I will not pass by "the color purple" without appreciating what the Lord has given us!

I had to WATER plants in the back yard today. The rainy season is coming to an end and some of the plants in the back still needed water. And, we discovered that the banana tree has been blooming (SEE ABOVE).

Too cool.

I've shaken the bug(s) and I am feeling better. The nausea is gone and I have an appetite. I don't want to put back any of the weight that I've lost but, I didn't intend to lose all that I did so quickly.....

Mood? Good. Meds? Some ... well ...


Oh! Canada!

Today -- $1.00 Canadian = $1.00 US

Why They Should Lose in 2008

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Under the Banana Trees

Under the Banana Trees in Our Back Yard

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Head In The Clouds IV

I'm really tired right now but, I have to post another photograph. I took this zoom-shot while standing outside of our mirador facing north. At the bottom of the photo you can see the roof of the mirador that is on top of the roof of the house behind us.

My Head In The Clouds III

This photograph was taken from our rooftop looking towards the South East over the inner wall of the neighbor's house. That's Lake Chapala with, of course, more mountains.....

Great News!

This morning I went to the Clinic/Lab for a blood draw. I was there at about 9:30 AM and I picked up my lab results at 1:30 PM. (Try that in the States, Boys and Girls!) And, the cost for 6 different screenings for bacterial infections and a fasting blood glucose test? $160.00

PESOS! -- less than $15 US ....

Results? My blood sugar is excellent and all bacterial studies were negative. No typhoid fever. Doctor Leopoldo is convinced that I have a contagious infection and is treating me with antibiotics (about $55 US for a 2 week supply).

I am under strict orders to rest, drink plenty of water, and EAT!

Got that, folks? EAT. I have a story (who'da thunk it?) about my weight loss for another time. The abridged edition begins with Dad's passing last year, includes a gradual drop of some weight BME (Before the Mexican Era), and continues... I am down to 95 kilos according to the scales in Dr. Leopoldo's office.

Time to update my personal photo.....

Monday, September 10, 2007

My Head In The Clouds II

This is the view from our mirador looking north. I will post more pictures later.

I love living in the mountains of central Mexico!

My Head In The Clouds

Wow! I didn't realize that this much time had passed.....

Life is GRAND!

I'll post more this week. I hope. It seems that I may stay at home more this week .....

Okay! Doctor Leopolo thinks that I may have caught a bad bug. I am going for a blood test tomorrow and we should know by mid-day if I have Salmonella Typhi.

We will see.......

Just don't call me "Mary"!!!!!!!

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