Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Head In The Clouds III

This photograph was taken from our rooftop looking towards the South East over the inner wall of the neighbor's house. That's Lake Chapala with, of course, more mountains.....

Great News!

This morning I went to the Clinic/Lab for a blood draw. I was there at about 9:30 AM and I picked up my lab results at 1:30 PM. (Try that in the States, Boys and Girls!) And, the cost for 6 different screenings for bacterial infections and a fasting blood glucose test? $160.00

PESOS! -- less than $15 US ....

Results? My blood sugar is excellent and all bacterial studies were negative. No typhoid fever. Doctor Leopoldo is convinced that I have a contagious infection and is treating me with antibiotics (about $55 US for a 2 week supply).

I am under strict orders to rest, drink plenty of water, and EAT!

Got that, folks? EAT. I have a story (who'da thunk it?) about my weight loss for another time. The abridged edition begins with Dad's passing last year, includes a gradual drop of some weight BME (Before the Mexican Era), and continues... I am down to 95 kilos according to the scales in Dr. Leopoldo's office.

Time to update my personal photo.....

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