Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quick Hits

Blackwater --- We (the US Taxpayers -- yes, I pay Federal Taxes in the US) are paying for a very expensive private army to do the work that the American military can not. Out-sourcing in the most absurd manner EVER!! And, we are supporting OUR troops with low wages, cuts in benefits, and more time in the war zones...... while some pendejos make HUGE profits.

Nobody should profit from WAR!

Medical Insurance Companies --- I believe that all health care should be NON-profit. My health insurers (MESSA - when a teacher / Blue Cross - as a retiree) have always been non-profits. We should put people first -- not corporate profits.

When MESSA had "profits" the company expanded benefits for the education employees covered. That was -- until Michigan for-profit companies demanded that their State Legislators screw with MESSA. It didn't take much to convince anti-teacher anti-union State Representatives and State Senators to f*@k with hard working dedicated teachers, secretaries, bus drivers, and custodians.


Nobody should profit from injury and illness.

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Unknown said...

Ok, I totally know what you're saying here, but I have to interject something because my fiance works for a large healthcare organization.

They are considered "non-profit" because every dollar they make is reinvested into the company, and they are not public. It doesn't make any sense to me, and perhaps I'm not explaining it correctly and the same way he would. These large insurance companies DO consider themselves to be non-profit. Are they "making a profit"? You're damned right they are.

But, since this huge, if not the largest health care provider in the country, it puts food on my table, and I should be the last one to complain.

But let me ask you, re: unified health care - when has the government EVER done anything well?

Why aren't we going after the pharmaceutical companies? I'm not saying big insurance companies havev no blame for the cost of health care, but they have some huge costs to pay as well.

Don't get me wrong - Mark has some pretty nice perks from his company.