Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just to the Right of Dennis Kucinich

My brother in Michigan forwarded this "Select a Candidate 2008" survey. I really wasn't surprised about the Democratic candidate results. I scored a "50" with both Chris Dodd and Dennis Kucinich. The rest of the front runners matched my views with a score of "47".

I disagreed with Messrs. Kucinich and Dodd over the issues of Iraq, Immigration, and the Line-Item Veto. I have the a conservative view on Immigration (see the survey), support the Line-Item Veto, and have the sober belief that Iraq must become 3 entities and we need to get out in an orderly fashion.

Of the Republican Party candidates only Romney and Giuliani have a score in the 20's. Romney 28 and Giuliani 26. The three of us agree on very little of any importance in a presidential election.

Indeed, what is really important? I am not one of the nitwit single issues or values voters. Anyway, try the survey. Enjoy.

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