Monday, October 29, 2007

An Opiate of the Masses

Religion is dividing our country. The Republican Party has used its resources to promote intolerance based upon fundamental religious dogma. The so-called values voters make a mockery of a political system based upon broad representation and compromise. The political process can not be effective when one side takes a "winner takes all" view of politics.

Personally, I have a growing HATRED for folks that claim to be Christians and act otherwise. Not only do these pretenders sully the name and message of Jesus, they often drive folks away from Christ. I was taught that anything that does not INVITE you to Christ is not of God.

Anti-Gay rhetoric is among the most foulest of crap spewed by Christianists. The recent remarks made by a Barack Obama supporter illustrate the not so subtle anti-gay message that is too often promoted. The Rev. Donnie McClurkin's assertion, "God delivered me from homosexuality" is self-delusional.

I don't doubt his sincerity. I do doubt his conclusions about whatever "revelation" he believes to have received. In time, we may see him repent.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama has not handled this little controversy well. But, what the heck. Our friends and family often embarrass us with outbursts of idiocies. In time, Obama will find the right voice on this issue and may be more careful with whom he offers and accepts support.

Unfortunately, I also feel unconstrained to speak out about what seems like a flaw in the thinking of some African American political activists. Much to my chagrin I have met too many African American's that don't connect their anti-gay religious views and actions with the LGBT struggle for basic human rights.

I once attended a Michigan Education Association Unity Conference. The Unity Conference grew from the separate women's and African Americans' gatherings. The first year of my attendance, I made it my mission to point out the lack of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender issues presented (none). The incredulous looks on some faces made me both sad and frustrated. Nevertheless, I pushed and pushed...

I still remain saddened by the fact that many so-called MEA leaders just don't get it.

So many bigots and so little time.......

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Unknown said...

So true. I'd like to add that over the course of Bush's "reign", we've lost ground instead of progressed socially. While the Democrats are far from perfect, if elected, I think we would see major steps taken for equal rights and lines removed from the sand as to what is "right" and what is considered "wrong" by society's standards. I think society is ready to forge ahead...but the government keeps scaring the bejesus out of the people. Remember former Sen. Santorum likening homosexuality to beastiality? The Republican party stood by him after he spoke those words. That began my not only dislike overall for the Republican party, but my near hatred of it. Change is GOOD, stagnation (or in this case, steps backwards) is BAD socially. For me, the important SOCIAL issues are birth control pill prescriptions being filled by ALL pharmacists (sounds so simple, yes?), embryonic research, of course abortion staying legal and safe, and if you want to consider this social...


I don't see ANY of these things happening with a Republican president. Even Guiliani claims God is on "his side" (I shall refrain from judgement).

I am a Christian, but I cringe to hear others call themselves the same when they are more filled with hate for others unlike them than they are to accept them. I mean really, does this have to be said? What Would Jesus Do? :-)