Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Productive Living

It was Sunday night when I finally realized that I had risen to hypomania from a more-or-less moderate depression. Just great. Really! The last two days have been relatively productive and I have no regrets.

I don't have regrets. I don't regret our move south. I don't regret anything that we have explored and completed since arriving in Axixic (old native spelling of Ajijic). I don't regret abandoning my medication routine. I don't regret the illness that knocked me down and accelerated my weight loss. I don't regret the broken rib and bruises (now healed).

What is done is done. Everyone now knows that I am not my older brother. I am quieter, have less hair, thinner, and I do not get drunk... (Once was enough!) All those that respect my brother for his honesty and "gentleness" seem also to like me, too. My brother and I go to the same Mexican doctor and he considers Dan to be a genuinely respectful, polite, and courteous gentleman.

I am "off" my meds. No. Don't worry. My wonky thyroid and heart are being treated. My new doctor has adjusted my synthetic thyroid medication and made substitutions for the high blood pressure medications that are not available in Mexico. I am still taking a beta-blocker medication to prevent the damned supra ventricular tachycardia episodes that always knock the snot out of me......

Yes. I will forever take an anti-depressant. I am taking my Wellbutrin. I'm not sure if or when I will resume Cymbalta and Lamictal. I have several months of those meds waiting for me in Michigan. Unfortunately, "start-up costs" since the move have made those medications cost prohibitive. And, the meds for bedtime are not available here so I do without or take an alternative.

Yes. I have been busy these last couple of days. Rent - paid. Med resupply - completed. Propane fill-up - paid/completed. Bi-monthly electric bill - paid. Telephone - the money is in an envelope in Mom's "red box". November's wages for the maid - the money is in an envelope in Mom's "red box".

(Just like Mom -- I have envelopes with cash in the same red metal box that she used.)

I had an appointment with an immigration attorney today. I was able to present her with nearly all of the paperwork, including passport photos, that is needed to apply for an FM-3. My Michigan brother is sending us the last papers required. My tourist visa (FM-T) is expiring next month and it is time to obtain the "license" to live in Mexico.

I will be a LEGAL immigrant. Got that, Lou!

Life continues.

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