Saturday, October 27, 2007

Step Away From the Edge

We've been watching Lou Dobbs lately and Memo is fond of screaming at the TV, "Step away from the edge, Lou!" Believe it or not, Lou Dobbs is sounding a little shrill lately. Since returning from his tonsil surgery, Lou has been less than reluctant to share how f*#ked up the Bush Administration, the Democratic Party, the Republicans, and most politicians are today.

Keep it up, Mr. Dobbs.

He is right. New York should not give driver's licenses to criminals -- illegal aliens. The toy companies have failed us. The "middle class" is being hosed by everybody. George Bush is a miserable failure. And, we all should "register to vote" as Independents to send a message to the fat, old, white men that run the political parties --- STOP!

Lou has also challenged the former President of Mexico, Vincente Fox, to debate illegal immigration, border security, and other related issues. We will see, if and when they meet in San Cristobal, in the State of Chiapas, whether or not Lou Dobbs and President Fox can defend their views coherently. Who knows, perhaps, Lou's crack team of reporters will uncover the truth about the REVERSE flow of economic refugees.

I've come to Mexico to escape the high cost of living in Michigan and make a meager pension stretch for two..... among other reasons.

Aren't we all looking for a better life?

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