Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trick or Treat

Halloween evokes memories and numerous responses from many folks. Some hate the children's holiday. Many enjoy the permissive attitudes that come with the one legal day to play dress up. In some parts of the "gay community" Halloween is the biggest gayest day of the year.

I'm not sure if I really like to play dress up and wear costumes. I don't do drag (dress in women's clothing). And, I always have the hardest time deciding on a costume to wear for school or if I ever do go to a Halloween party.

Halloween is for the kids. It was easy choosing a costume when I was young. We didn't have the latest and greatest outfits. We had a skeleton suit and mask, a magician's top hat and cape, a Japanese geisha costume and a few other odds and ends to wear. I'm not sure when we outgrew those hand-me-downs and started buying or creating our own Halloween wardrobes.

I never really enjoyed passing out candy, either. In our 18 years of living in Port Huron together, Memo and I stayed home to pass out candy for less than half of the annual beggars' days. When our nephews and nieces were young we made sure we had treats for them and stayed home to pass out candy. We eventually discovered the fun of going out to a less crowded movie and/or enjoying dinner with numerous adult beverages.

Yes. Having been a teacher probably influenced my ambivalence towards Halloween. The school "celebrations" were stressful. I applaud the wise folks that arranged for morning Halloween Parades, brief parties, and the afternoon teachers' meetings/training. A half day with crazy kids followed by a lame conference was pure genius.

I also liked the grade level agreements that some teachers had which allowed us not to have to dress up. One year, all of the 2nd grade teachers in my building decided to get together and decorate sweatshirts. They became our official teacher costumes for several years. No troublesome worries about putting together costumes....

We won't be passing out candy or dressing up this year. The children in Axixic will be celebrating Death in the early days of November. The Day of the Dead festivities will certainly be interesting. What a treat!!!

Happy Halloween, Miss Hepburn, and all you costumed revelers!

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