Tuesday, November 20, 2007

American Family

Michiganders my age and older have a "special" relationship with the Romney family. Some of us will remember the former governor of Michigan, George Romney. We should remember Governor Romney's failed bid for the Republican nomination for the presidency. We should remember when Romney went on a fact-finding mission to Vietnam and returned telling us that we'd been "brainwashed" (Gee, just like Iraq?).

I shook his hand. I was just a little kid watching the annual Blue Water International Day Parade and Dad sent me into the street to grasp the governor's hand. Neat, eh?

I've made a few comments about Romney and Mormonism......and will make more. The following political ad is sooooo much like a Mormon TV commercial......(H/T to The Daily Dish)

BTW - I do not support this flip-flopping pandering politician!!!!!

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