Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Traveling Pants

Twenty years ago in an enthusiastic attempt to complete a colorful and comfortable wardrobe I purchased 4 pairs of Levi jeans from a Spiegle clothing catalog. Those Levi's, ones still MADE in the USA, were carefully tucked away in a drawer for future casual wear. The powder blue and white pair wouldn't be trotted out until Spring.

Unfortunately, the 36" X 32" pants never made it back onto my growing thighs and waist. They remained in a bottom drawer for a very long time. About 3 years ago, I decided to finally pass them on to the Goodwill or St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Store. Memo (Billy) intervened. He kept 3 pairs of the pants. Only the powder blue and white Levi's 505's made it to Mexico with us.

My "traveling pants" now fit. My 40" X 32" denim Levi's (and various LARGE walking shorts) have been folded and placed in the bottom of the guest room's wardrobe. I NEVER want to have to wear any of them again.

Healthy and Happy? You bet my narrow ass I am!!!!

Bragging? Yeah, maybe. I am also acknowledging that my outer appearance is important to me regardless of any protests to the contrary. I look better. I feel better.

And, to the chagrin of Bill, I am wearing Large dress and casual shirts, again. Though I brought very few of my clothes with us, my wardrobe has nearly doubled when I now may lay claim to Billy's. Sweet.

Don't try this at home! I attribute my weight loss to my severe depression following the deaths in my family, my bipolar disorder medications, and the nasty bug that welcomed me to central Mexico. It is what it is and I am okay with it....

At the end of my first 26 years, I was a sickly lean 165 pound, 32" X 32" jean wearing joven. The middle 26 years are over. The next 26 years?

The adventure continues.

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