Thursday, November 29, 2007


Most folks familiar with "recovery" counseling know the old story about the guy that keeps walking down the same street and who keeps falling into the same hole. You know. It's the story/definition of insanity.

Change streets! Go another way. How stupid are we when we continue the same-old-same-old and somehow expect things to change? When we do "new" things, does anything really ever change? Is it always "the same shit" but a different day? It seems so sometimes.

Disappointment and fear can kill all momentum. Losing your way and losing HOPE can create one huge hole in the road.

So, what's next?

If I can't capture a new dream, may I at least look forward to what is next? May I hope and trust that I am ready and able to meet it well? May I anticipate success? Do I have the confidence?

It is just around the corner. It is just down the way. It is waiting for me.

It's next.

Hell. I can do this.

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