Friday, November 16, 2007

Train Wreck

It only took a few minutes to see that Wolf Blitzer's CNN Presidential Debate would be unwatchable. Why he and his producers decided to broadcast the minutia of grand introductions followed by a cut-away commentator moment is beyond reason. What a freaking waste of time.

It was the Wolf Blitzer Show. It was me me me me look at me me me... And, his questions were incredible stupid. Can I get a show of hands?

I tuned out sometime in the last half of the first hour of Wolfie's Big Show. Did I learn anything new? Nope.

Yes, Senator Joe Biden did have a near tear jerking "American President" moment. It wasn't an "American President" moment for me. Having seen the movie more than half a dozen times, I didn't tear up. Nope, sorry Joe, it was too staged.

The 2008 Presidential Campaign continues....

Oh, and BTW -- would someone please find some honest grown-ups to REPORT the news. Some of these so-called journalists are just plain dumb.

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