Monday, December 31, 2007


We have been having a difficult time dealing with the loss of our cat, Diana. She had a long and good life. Unfortunately, a kitten that we had adopted before Diana took sick also died the day after Christmas. Isabel Windsor was a beautiful gray kitty.

We are reminded about why most animals have litters. Survival. Izzy's sickness and death was another part of The Plan.

We went to the vet yesterday to have the other 4 adopted kittens treated. We had antibiotics all around and the oldest got a feline leukemia vaccination. Call us crazy, but bringing home the last three babies has been a blessing.

We have become supporters of Anita's Animals, a local animal rescue shelter. Anita and her friends bring kittens and puppies to the weekly flea market (tianguis). They sell used books and clothing to help support the shelter. The tianguis shoppers are encouraged to adopt the cats and dogs.

We did. We adopted Victoria in late November. She looks like a very blond and young Diana. We adopted Isabel just three weeks ago. On the same day, we brought home three kittens whose mother disappeared. We were just going to be foster parents for 2 weeks.

Great plan. Given the size of our hearts, we will not be returning these little ones to Anita.

So, the old cats, Fergie and Jadzea Dax, have four kittens to tolerate. And, life continues.......

Welcome home, Eeny Meeny, Miny, and Moe!

Perhaps I Had a Wicked Childhood

I would like to believe in Karma. Somehow the idea is quite attractive. Cosmic balance...

I don't believe that we are judged and "rewarded/punished" in this life. Yes, I am guilty of wanting some folks to get "their just desserts" while we all watch. But, my concept of a Just God doesn't provide it. And, yes, I am guilty of wanting some good fortune coming my way to balance out the bad.

A recent Detroit TV news report tells of a robber being killed by his intended victim, then being robbed by his cohorts. Karma.

Can you believe that even in the musical Sound of Music there is a reference to karma?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I'm exhausted.

It seems like I have been wetting my pillow for over a week. Her quick decline took us both by surprise. She was really sick.

We have been crying since she first got sick. We've been sobbing since her passing on Sunday. Our Diana was 15 1/2 years old. She was an old old cat.

Diana and Fergie came to us from a farm near Smith's Creek. We often joked about how we saved them from becoming flat frozen barn cats. You know -- those poor kitties that sleep next to sleeping cows in winter. Farmers sometimes haven't time to bury the cats that don't move quickly enough when a cow shifts in her sleep. So, over the back fence they go until later....

Ferggs and Di were sisters/litter mates. They were delightful kittens. We fretted when Fergie wouldn't eat and we had to bottle feed her for a time. Both kittens grew to be beautiful loving cats.

Di Baby was special. Unique. Loved.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday Songs

H/T to The Daily Dish

First Day of My Life -- Bright Eyes

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

1955 Rambler

We've been living in Mexico for 7 months. Adjusting to the BEST weather in this hemisphere has been easy. Adjusting to the altitude has been easy. Adjusting to water rules has been easy. (We don't use tap water to brush our teeth. We only pay 15 - 20 pesos for a 20 L bottle of water.)

It really has been easy.

Never mind the cultural differences -- waking up to fireworks, church bells, or Mariachi bands is wonderful. Never mind the language differences -- I am often finding myself questioning whether I just conducted that conversation/encounter in Spanish or English (Billy talks in his sleep in Spanish, sometimes). Never mind the hilly village with rocky roads -- I'm getting exercise and losing weight.

I absolutely love living in Axixic. What better place is there to lick one's wounds and heal? What better place to become a new person? What better place to live the last third of your life?

There is no place like home. There is no place like home. There is no place like home.

I'm here. [Put the slippers away, Memo (may - moe)]

December 12, 1531

We have another holiday and kitten......

Huckabee Is Not Romney

H/T to Atrios

Monday, December 10, 2007

Quick Hit

I find it ironic? -- is that the right word? --

The 2008 Republican candidates for President would probably to a man, pledge that no tax-payer dollars would ever be used to fund any abortions.

My question is this:

How do you feel about tax-payer-funded adultery?

Why isn't the religious right going apeshit about Rudy Giuliani's "Sex on the City"?

Christianist hypocrites..........

Camp Okutta

The ex-pat community in Axixic has the benefit of being able to contract for a Canadian satellite television provider -- StarChoice. We have the service. In addition to all of the Canadian content, we get the major broadcast channels from both Detroit and Seattle and various American super stations.

Watching U.S. programs on Canadian stations is a treat. We don't get the American government's censorship. We regularly hear the F-Word and see many television commercials that will never be seen in the United States.

We saw this gem tonight.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I Hate Bars

Not really. I know that if I go into one, I must not drink anything but Coca. I spent a recent evening with my brother and I remember shit.....

Here's a great take on the subject from Billy.

Drawing Lines In The Sand

My only comment about an Episcopal diocese's vote to secede from the Episcopal Church (NYT / BBC) over the issue of gay rights is this:

Which of the 173 to 22 delegate votes were to invite others to Christ?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I grew up in an unchurched household. Our family "flirted" with the Church, yet no one made any commitments to study and become a member of the Church. We attended Men's Club summer picnics, the occasional summer Bible School, and some services.

My mother's side of our family (and one of Dad's brothers) had a 6 generation legacy in the Church. A famous missionary to Michigan and Ontario, J.J. Cornish, wrote a book about his travels and church work. Our family is given mention as Brother Cornish baptized the Edwards family near London, Ontario, Canada.

For at least the first 100 years of the Reorganization of the Church, the official church newspaper carried a banner declaring in essence that "We are not Utah Mormons." It was kinda like meeting a nationalistic Canadian that spends more time explaining why the United States is so bad and little time bragging about what is so wonderful about Canada. The search for a unique identity gets lost.

I have been a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS) since the age of 17. I chose to make a commitment to Jesus, God, His Holy Spirit, and the Church. I have not wavered.

Today, the Church is known as the Community of Christ. A central claim is that Brigham Young, who illegally obtained Church leadership, is responsible for much of the spiritual wife nonsense and temple ceremonies. The true wife of Joseph Smith remained behind when the Brighamites moved west. The son of Joseph Smith became the first leader of the Reorganized Church.

Anyway, the following video is truly weird. Some of its claims mirror what I know about the Utah Church. Some of it is downright strange and "out there".

And, like most things....... it's up to you to decide.......

Every Day

….Every Day

Everything familiar now seems feels new

Every daybreak

Every lake view

Every mountain, too


Every walk

Every meal

Every moment

With you

…jlharris 04 dec 2007

In the Pink


Let me tell you about hard work

Hard work

Getting up in the morning

Sometimes, it just is not done

Flagging the water truck

Pre-paying the gas

Hard work, if you can get it

Have to be up by two when the maid comes to work

Have to be around people getting to the bank

Hard work

Bipolar coaster ride in Paradise

Up and down the mountainside

Up and down the mental slide

Fucking hard work

jlharris -- 4 dec 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007

Will Scott Kleeb Run?

Get Over Yourselves

I have one opinion to express to all the pundits and bloggers when it comes to the subject of health care, "Get Over Yourselves." They and the folks in the "media" seem more concerned with which presidential candidate is lying about their universal health insurance plan's potential coverages and benefits. Mandates? Who pays?

Who cares?

We need universal health care. That's it. The current "system" and lack thereof is unacceptable. We have 40 million Americans that cannot afford health care. According to a government report:

"In 2005, more than 40 million adults did not receive 'needed services' because they could not afford them," the report said.

"Nearly 15 million adults did not obtain eyeglasses, 25 million did not get dental care, 19 million did not get needed prescribed medicine, and 15 million did not get needed medical care due to cost."

Who really gives a rat's ass if Barrack Obama's plan is superior to Hillary Clinton's? Just provide the equivalent coverage benefits that all those national, state, and local politicians give themselves.

And, don't forget parity for mental disorders. I still can't afford "talk therapy" or any counseling for my bipolar disorder. And, I have insurance....

Latin America

I've read that challenging one's mind with math and word puzzles helps to stave off the effects of mind numbing diseases. Re-calling and learning MORE Spanish has been a treat and a challenge. Exercising my mind is just one more plus about life in central Mexico.

Billy is amazing. He is picking up the language very quickly and, well. His accent/pronunciation is good and he is even writing some basic sentences (-- notes to the maid). He is as eager to learn as I am.

And, why not? We will not be like the (too) many gringos and canucks that have visited and lived in the Lake Chapala region and never bothered to learn much Spanish or even pronounce what they "know" correctly. Bart Simpson Spanglish is forbidden in our household.

I guess that I am "lucky" to have had a talent and ear for Spanish. I'm certain that I chose correctly in high school. Latin, German, and French were the only other alternatives.

Latin would have been a great academic / egghead choice. 1/4 of my grandparents spoke German. French was never considered.

I remember making a calculated decision based upon the growing Hispanic population in the United States. I would use it more, here. And, my early 6th grade class exposure to Spanish instruction was a factor. I liked that cigar smelling Cuban teacher. He called me, Julio.

So, here we are. I once had the opportunity to participate in a St. Clair Community College summer semester in the Yucatan. Money was tight and I had to make other choices. This REAL LIFE experience is way better.......

Me llamo Lee.

No Price Too High

Ban Mondays

This commercial is banned by Fox News.