Monday, December 3, 2007

Get Over Yourselves

I have one opinion to express to all the pundits and bloggers when it comes to the subject of health care, "Get Over Yourselves." They and the folks in the "media" seem more concerned with which presidential candidate is lying about their universal health insurance plan's potential coverages and benefits. Mandates? Who pays?

Who cares?

We need universal health care. That's it. The current "system" and lack thereof is unacceptable. We have 40 million Americans that cannot afford health care. According to a government report:

"In 2005, more than 40 million adults did not receive 'needed services' because they could not afford them," the report said.

"Nearly 15 million adults did not obtain eyeglasses, 25 million did not get dental care, 19 million did not get needed prescribed medicine, and 15 million did not get needed medical care due to cost."

Who really gives a rat's ass if Barrack Obama's plan is superior to Hillary Clinton's? Just provide the equivalent coverage benefits that all those national, state, and local politicians give themselves.

And, don't forget parity for mental disorders. I still can't afford "talk therapy" or any counseling for my bipolar disorder. And, I have insurance....

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