Monday, December 3, 2007

Latin America

I've read that challenging one's mind with math and word puzzles helps to stave off the effects of mind numbing diseases. Re-calling and learning MORE Spanish has been a treat and a challenge. Exercising my mind is just one more plus about life in central Mexico.

Billy is amazing. He is picking up the language very quickly and, well. His accent/pronunciation is good and he is even writing some basic sentences (-- notes to the maid). He is as eager to learn as I am.

And, why not? We will not be like the (too) many gringos and canucks that have visited and lived in the Lake Chapala region and never bothered to learn much Spanish or even pronounce what they "know" correctly. Bart Simpson Spanglish is forbidden in our household.

I guess that I am "lucky" to have had a talent and ear for Spanish. I'm certain that I chose correctly in high school. Latin, German, and French were the only other alternatives.

Latin would have been a great academic / egghead choice. 1/4 of my grandparents spoke German. French was never considered.

I remember making a calculated decision based upon the growing Hispanic population in the United States. I would use it more, here. And, my early 6th grade class exposure to Spanish instruction was a factor. I liked that cigar smelling Cuban teacher. He called me, Julio.

So, here we are. I once had the opportunity to participate in a St. Clair Community College summer semester in the Yucatan. Money was tight and I had to make other choices. This REAL LIFE experience is way better.......

Me llamo Lee.

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